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Supreme Party’s Interest Be Persied To Foster Party’s Progress: CPP National Youth Organizer Tells Party

A political party is made up of like minded people, who channels their energies, resources and strategies towards one agenda or goal.

The problem in the CPP is that, some people who are sitting on the fence thinks they know better than those who have been given power to work.

Then there are those who hide behind others to cause confusion for their parochial interest which is borne out of greed and the believe that if it is not them, then it can’t be anyone else.

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There are those who are also sent and sponsored by other political parties to join us to cause confusion.

A clear example is a former member of the 2020 NDC legal team, who for one reason or the other, joins the CPP and within the blink of an eye wants to be the face of the CPP.

Such Confusionist have been in the party especially under this 4th Republic for as long as I can remember.

The success of these *Confusionist* have driven once upon a time almost all the prominent people in the CPP away.

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I can mention names like Aggudey, Oteng Anane, Abu Fogor, Susan Adu Amankwaa, Mike Eghan, Lardi Nylander, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, Dr Abu Sakara etc

These Confusionist have frustrated members of the party to the extent of rendering some of them incapacitated and redundant.

These same Confusionist have even succeeded in frustrating some members of the party to form other political parties in order to weaken our front and scatter the few conscious ones.

But to calm the waters and everyone’s fear, we fall on Osagyefo’s expectation of such people in our midst one day, and his Disciplinary structure and style called Democratic Centralism!

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If majority of those who have been given power by the Party through the party’s Constitution takes a Definite Position or Decision it becomes binding to every desenting member.

The Central Committee which has been empowered by the constitution of the party to come up with strategies and research that can win the party power, has made a Decision and the principle of Democratic Centralism cannot be applied to whip everyone in line?!

This current leadership and Central Committee like the title of a book by the Osagyefo must be “The current CPP Central Committee, the Last crusaders against the Confusionist and desenting members within the CPP through the application of Democratic Centralism!”

From 2008 to 2011 after alot of infighting with the NDC among supporters of Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, the former first lady and a founding member of the NDC and supporters of the Prof Atta Mills ( Fonka / Games), The leadership of the NDC decided to expel the wife of the god-Father of the NDC, and guess what, that year, they won and maintained power.

From 2014 to 2016 after alot of infighting The National Council of the NPP, an equivalent of the CPP’s Central Committee decided to suspend their National chairman, Paul Afoko, the First vice Sammy Crabbe and their General Secretary Kwabena Agyie Agyapong and in that election year of 2016, the NPP won power, even though they have and still giving us the worse governance with a lot of “Policy errors”

The moral story of the two above references to both the NDC and the NPP is that,
A political party is made up of like minded people and that anytime there is Unity of purpose, Democratic Centralism and firm Centralized Party decision and respect for those who have been given power, that political party progress.

This is not the first time the CPP has been taken to court!

And this will not be the last time some “Desenting Lunatic / Confusionist” will take us to court for whatever reason they may claim to have.

It is up to the Current well meaning members of the CPP to rally behind the leadership, the Central Committee and structures of the party to stop this once and for all.

We shall overcome this one too! Forward Ever!

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