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A Rejoinder to Baseless Accusations: The Revelations to Ejisu By-elections

In response to the recent slanderous remarks made against John Boadu, it’s imperative to set the record straight. John Boadu, with his experience and unwavering dedication, has been instrumental in the NPP’s journey to power. Accusing him and his former executives of being the root cause of the party’s challenges in by-elections is not only baseless but also malicious.

It’s baffling that some individuals choose to target John Boadu, a leader who has tirelessly worked to steer the party to victory for two consecutive terms. What wrong has he done to deserve such unwarranted attacks? It’s evident that those behind these defamatory statements lack wisdom and insight.

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John Boadu was not the General Secretary during the recent NPP Parliamentary Primaries, and he wouldn’t have been the custodian of the delegates album either. After leaving office for almost three years, it’s unacceptable for people to insult and attack him unjustly, especially for their own failures. Baseless accusations like these cannot be tolerated, and those responsible should be held accountable for their actions.

As friends of John Boadu, we strongly condemn these actions and issue a stern warning to those responsible. John Boadu remains a valuable asset to the party, and his contributions should be acknowledged and respected. It’s disheartening to see ingratitude from those who have benefited from his leadership.

It’s crucial for those criticizing John Boadu to understand his invaluable contributions to the NPP’s victories in both general elections and by-elections. Instead of attacking him, they should seek to learn from his strategies and leadership during times of crisis.

John Boadu’s track record speaks for itself, as he has held numerous key positions within the party, showcasing his unparalleled experience and dedication. He deserves respect and recognition for his unwavering commitment to the NPP’s success.

Unity is paramount for the NPP to achieve its goals, especially in breaking the eight-year cycle. However, if certain individuals continue to propagate falsehoods to tarnish the reputation of some cherished leaders like John Boadu, the party will inevitably suffer in the future. Let’s focus on building a stronger, united front and leave behind the politics of division and slander. John Boadu deserves our unwavering support and gratitude, not baseless accusations.

We vehemently demand that, the individual responsible for that baseless and insulting post against John Boadu retract his statement and issue a public apology within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in facing the consequences from his supporters.

Friends of John Boadu

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