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Hon. Dr. Christian Adu-Poku APC, DCE Afigya Kwabre South District

The Analogy Of A Driver’s Mate VRS A Spare Driver, NDC/NPP


This episode will analyze the earlier ones and leave a thought for the *Car Owner* who are Ghanaian voters to determine who should drive their car (the country, Ghana).

As mentioned earlier, a spare driver needs no direction from anybody because he feels he is an a experienced and thus already qualified to drive. It is imperative to note that being a spare driver cannot guarantee you the license to drive every car.

If Ghana, metaphorically is seen as a car?, then the question will arise, what kind of car is Ghana now?
Can every driver drive any car at all?. There are some drivers who finds it difficult to drive automatic cars. There are equally those who can’t drive cars with normal (analog) gears.

We are leaving in technological world where cars have gone through different upgrades and imbued with digitalization and other sophisticated features. Is Ghana now a digitized car or still the analog car. What kind of driver do we need taking technology and modernity into consideration.

Ghana(the Car) indeed needs a driver. As owners of the car, what kind of driver do we need. The car has gone through a lot of transformation. Additionally, it has become more modern and sophisticated. Do we as car owners need an analog driver?, the driver who has remained idle for almost eight years now or we need the mate who has gone through tutelage and has been part of the transformation championing digitalisation.

The choice of the car owners will determine whether we want to advance or remain in our doldrums.

By: Dr. APC
(The voice from afar)

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