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Ejisu By Election: CPP Not Contesting, Sues Electoral Commission

The Cpp Is Not Contesting The Ejuisu By-elections As They Sue The Commission

The CPP in the Ashanti Regional has sue the Electoral Commission of Ghana for allowing what they call a non member of their party to contest on their behalf without their consent.

According our sources in the CPP there are procedures in the Party’s constitution which ought to be followed anytime a member becomes interested in contesting for any position in the party.

The first step is a declaration by the Party through its Central Committee to decide after broader consultation and strategic planning to either to contest for the election or not to.

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The second is that the Central Committee through the General Secretary will issue a communique on behalf of the party to that effect.

The third Step is that the Regional Executives through the Regional Executive Council will meet and discuss the issue and open Nominations accordingly.

The Fourth Step is that each constituency will then present details of candidates who are interested in contesting for the position.

Step 5 is when the Regional secretariat finds out if the candidate is a member of good standing as inscribed in the Party’s constitution.

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STEP 6 is when the party holds vetting for the candidates and clears the qualified ones to contest.

Step 7 is when the Regional chairman on behalf of the Regional Executives Council represent the candidates endorse by the Region to the Central Committee.

Step 8 is when the Central Committee deliberates and endorses each candidate and each regional list.

Step 9 is when the Central Committee through the General Secretary issue a communique to communicate to the party and Ghanaians the decision of the party.

According to our sources in the CPP, these structures were not followed by the Ejuisu constituency.

Again the aspirant is not a known member of the party in the Region or the Constituency to the best Knowledge of the Regional Executives.

The Region is said to have written to the Electoral Commission in the Ashanti Region about the fact that the aspirant does not represent the party as it’s been alleged and called for her disqualification.

However there is a tip off that a call from the Electoral Commission office at the National level, gave instructions that the aspirant should not be disqualified.

The Regional chairman is said to have followed things up with phone calls but the electoral commission remained adamant as if they have personal interest in the aspirant’s contesting.

The Regional chairman of the CPP has therefore sue the electoral commission to that effect

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