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The Analogy Of A Driver’s Mate Vrs A Spare Driver


In this episode, let’s turn our attention to the behaviors of the the 2 and draw our conclusions.

*The Behavior of a spare driver*
The spare driver as already indicated is a qualified driver who for some reasons may be idling. These are their attributes or behaviors :

1. They come in as a stop-gap to support the substantive driver.

2. They drive only in the absence of the original driver. Better still, if it is trotro, then the mate has to still be with him to make his work easier.

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3. Most spare drivers work on weekends or in odd hours when the original drivers are tired.

4. They drive without any guidance so they mostly commit lots of offenses which later puts the substantive driver and the car owner in trouble.

5. Spare drivers work with the view to get more money. In this case they want to get their *’chobo’* as well as the sales, hence they overuse the car which later sends the car to the fitting shop.

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6. Most spare drivers have worked their substantive drivers out and later become the substantive drivers either through, konkonsa, blackmailing or making more sales to attract the owner.

7. Spare drivers don’t normally take the work seriously. That is, they don’t put in their best because they know eventually the car would be taken away from them or they may have to give back to the substantive driver.

8. Most spare drivers use the car at the blind side of the car owner hence creating problems for the Original driver as well the owner.

9. Most spare drivers refuse to renew their license hence cannot work efficiently and effectively. They therefore prefer to work in the night and in obscured places putting the car at risk.

10. Most spare drivers engage in illegalilities such as overloading, abuse of traffic rules and regulations, drive under the influence of alcohol and eventually cause accidents. It has been observed over the years that, most accidents on our roads are caused by Spare drivers.

The behavior of a spare driver leaves much to be desired and a cause of worry to both the car owner and the original driver.

By: Dr. APC
(the voice from afar)

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