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NPP Decision Time: Some important factors delegates must consider before voting

1. It is not true Northerners will vote for Dr.Bawumia when he becomes the flagbearer.

He is Mamprusi,there are some tribes in the north with issues with them.therefore they wont vote for him

2. Traditionally Norherners appeal to Ndc.they love Ndc and are ready to die for it.

In 1969 elections the Progress Party led by Dr.K.A.Busia won almost all the seats in the North.

After General Acheampong who is then a member of Cpp overthrew the Busia govt in 13th Jan.1972 he won the heart of the Northerners.

He constructed so many roads.It is his regime that most roads were tarred
The most important was the 160km road from Tamale to Bolgatanga.

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3. Then came J.J. Rawlings who became the darling boy of the Northerners.

Acheampong and Rawlings have taken over the North so Dombo tradition is a mere rhetorics,there is no base for it in the north right now.

4. The campaign team of Dr. Bawumia is giving an erroneous impressions that Npp is an Akan party With Bawumia as the flagbearer this stigma will be erased.

5. The irony of this is that Pres. Mahama in one of his diabolic speeches said Npp will use Bawumia and dump him.

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Pls let us be realistic, Can Ndc do what we have done for Bawumia?

Bawumia is not a member of Npp, It was Nana Addo who brought him to be his running mate. Bawumia is now the 2nd gentleman of this country.

He is very famous,rich and an important personality in the political history of Ghana.

6. Do u think Mahama will ever bring an Akan who is not an Ndc to be his running mate as Nana Addo has done.

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The most important question we shd all ask Pres. Mahama is that, If we bring Bawumia as our flagbearer will he vote for him?.

Will he tell the Ndc to vote for Bawumia because he is their brother?
If not what is his problem if the Npp didnt elect him.

Pres. Mahama is cunning and trickish
Mahama is aware that the voting pattern in this country is religious and tribal
He strongly believes that in the north and zongo communities majority will never vote for the Npp.

Also when we present Bawumia some Akans and Christians may not vote for him,thereby increasing his chances of winning the 2024 elections.

7. Fellow delegates let us all think deep,and decides who can help our party win the 2024 elections.

8. Hon. Ken is the only Presidential aspirant who have emerged with his own track record in the Ghanaian history
Never in our history has an aspirant been approved by the public, though the delegates have not yet elected him
Let all of us get real.

The general public who is going to vote in the 2024 elections are crazy about Hon. Ken and are prepare to vote confidently and massively for him
Why has it therefore become so difficult for us to present him.

9. The other side of Ghanaians who dont like Ken is his temperament and utterances. He hates cheating and on any issues he is always straightforward
His character is like the whites.

In Europe a child will call police to arrest his father if he misbehaves or abuse the laws of the state.

Hon. Ken character and all his utterances are no news elsewhere
In our soceity it is always good to cover an offence.

We are not truthful we dont obey the laws of the state.

10. People like Ken are few in our country. I dont think we can get sbd like him in the next century.

Hon. Ken is the only candidate who can neutralise and shut down the campaign of Pres. Mahama and the Ndc.

Apart from his utterances what can the Ndc say about him. He is not corrupt, he has not stolen any state funds, he is not involved in any fraudulent activities.

Hon Ken is open and frank.He declares his asset on national television to the surprise of everybody,in effect,his hands are clean.

Finally the 2024 campaign will be easy and the elections can be won one touch with Hon Ken as the flagbearer.

Please Vote wisely, think of this country and the future of the youth

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