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“We Are Not Observing Cyber Security Month From A National Security Point Of View” ~ Osei Kofi Acquah

This Month of October is being observed as a Cyber Security awareness month.

This is because half of the daily life of the ordinary Ghanaian is spent on the Cyber space through an electronic gadget.

If it is not on the social media platforms, then it is on reading what is happening around the world from the News portals.

It has even gotten to the level of transacting businesses thus buying and selling online.

From B2C, to C2G, C2C, C2B and B2B among others, a lot of attention has been given to Cyber Security as far as Corporate Business is concerned.

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What has been eluding us as a country is the threat this same free, unchecked and uncensored access to the Cyber Space pose to us as a country.

Today one Cyber Security threat which we are not concerned about is how anybody can switch on at least their phone camera and do a live video without a censored and sometimes even planned content.

Most of these live videos propagate false allegations, insult the well respected personalities in our country and muddies the hard earned reputation of some Patriots.

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Today some uncategorized “Professionals” who calls themselves bloggers just throw anything into the Cyber Space which reaches millions of people.

It is unclear either these people are Journalist or private individuals.

Unfortunately neither the National Security nor the media commission seems bothered about the activities of these people.

As someone who patronize the social media platforms alot, and as someone who has a bit of knowledge in Cyber Security and Data Forensics, I can confidently say that if ever there is going to be any form of disturbances, Chaos and unrest in this country, it will start from the Cyberspace

I therefore propose that the National Cyber Security authority together with the National Security should look beyond educating Ghanaians on how to prevent petty Cyber frauds etc and look at the bigger picture, especially how the Unregulated Cyber Security Space poses a National Security threat to our country Ghana.

Osei Kofi Acquah

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