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The Analogy Of A Driver’s Mate VRS A Spare Driver NDC/NPP


The mate
The mate also called “Aplanke” is a driver’s assistant who partners the driver to work efficiently and effectively.

The following are the attributes or behaviors mostly exhibited by the driver’s mate:

1. The driver’s mate is very obedient and thus follow all instructions of his master or the substantive driver.

2. The mate cannot touch the steer to drive unless the master has given him tutorials.

3. The mate attends all errands of the master without questioning.

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4. The mate makes sure that the car is washed and cleaned for work of the day.

5. He serves as the treasurer of the car. He collects all the money and keeps it until the close of the day and then accounts accurately to the master.

6. He gets up very early in the morning and prepare the car for the days work. He makes sure the battery, tyres, wheel bolts are all set in their proper places before the journey starts.

7. The Driver sometimes hands over the steering wheel to the mate under his guidance.

8. It is said that Drivers mate are far better in driving than those who went to driving schools. The practical tutorials make them more experience.

9. Driver’s mate normally take instructions from their boss. Hence, they don’t rebel against their masters but are very patient and obedient. They therefore excel when they are given the opportunity to drive.

10. A driver’s mate is trustworthy and committed to duty and for that matter will never betray his master no matter what.

The issues raised above will determine whether a spare driver will be preferred over an experienced driver’s mate by the car owner.

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