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Current prices of Cements, GHACEM, Dangote, Diamond, others. check out

Prices for cement in Ghana
Ghana’s construction industry continues to grow at a steady pace, a factor that has encouraged both local producers and importers to make future investments in the cement market.

Depreciating currency has led to an increase in the cost of raw materials, which has forced cement producers to raise their prices.

Ghana has a number of cement companies.

Here are the most popular cement brands and prices:


GHACEM dominates the Ghanaian cement market.

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In 1967, the company was founded by the Norwegian government and Norcem AS.

Heidelberg Cement, one of the world’s largest building materials companies, owns 93.1% of the company. Foreign investors have participated in the company since its founding, and they remain a majority shareholder today.

With 5% of the company owned by the government, J A Addison, founder of GHACEM, owns 1.9%.

There are a variety of cement varieties sold by GHAcem, each with a different price according to the town in which it is sold.

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In Tema and Takoradi, factory prices are as follows:

In Tema, a 50kg bag of GHACEM Super Strong 42.5R goes for GHC32.638 while in Takoradi it goes for GHC32.496.

A 50kg bag of GHACEM Super Rapid 32.5R goes for GHC32.284 in Tema, while in Takoradi it goes for GHC32.142. Another GHACEM brand known as GHACEM Extra 42.5N goes for GHC33.583 in Tema, while in Takoradi it goes for GHC33.205.

In addition to molding blocks, plastering and mixing concrete, GHACEM cement grades are used for a variety of construction purposes.

Dangote Cement
The second most popular cement brand in Ghana is Dangote Cement. Dangote Cement began operations in Ghana in 2011.

Dangote Cement is shipped from Nigeria to the terminal in Tema in Ghana, where it is bagged.

In the market, there is only one variety of cement available from Dangote Cement.

The price of this particular cement is GHC35.55 per 50kg.

CIMAF Cement
CIMAF is one of the most popular cement brands in Ghana.

Established in 2011, the company produces 3 kinds of cement.

CIMAF 42.5R goes for GHC33.20, CIMAF 42.5N goes for GHC32.70 while CIMAF 32.5R goes for GHC32.30 factory level price.

Diamond Cement
Founded in 2002, Diamond Cement is another popular construction product in Ghana. Company headquarters are located in Afla in the Ketu South District in the Volta region.

There is only one type of diamond cement produced in Ghana, which costs between GHC36 and GHC40 at the factory level, depending on the town.

Dzata Cement
The cement’s price has been rumored to be 30 cedis.

Price of cement in Ghana Factory level
Tema Takoradi
50kg bag GHACEM Super Strong 42.5R GHC32.638 GHC32.496
50kg bag of GHACEM Super Rapid 32.5R GHC32.284 GHC32.142
50kg bag GHACEM Extra 42.5N GHC33.583 GHC33.205
Dangote Cement
50kg Dangote Cement GHC35.55
CIMAF Cement
CIMAF 42.5R GHC33.20
CIMAF 42.5N GHC32.70
CIMAF 32.5R GHC32.30
Diamond Cement
GHC36 to GHC40 depending on the town
Dzata Cement
GHC30 to GHC40 depending on the town
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