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Fatal Accident at Kyebi: 2 pronounced dead. [see photos, video]

DSP Henry Agyemang drops the sad news on Angel TV this Evening on Threesome News with Appiah Kubi. It is very scary about the various cases of road accident in Ghana. The police are doing their very best to help curb the numerous road accident in Ghana.

We have also realise that, most of the cases can be associated to the bad attitudes of some drivers in Ghana. Driver are trying to play smart on the road hence, no need to follow road safety measures.

DSP Henry Agyemang stated that, some drivers are trying to be notorious and they don’t want to listen to instructions.

He added that, as a result of the construction going on, on the Kumasi to Accra Highway, the road between Kyebi and Sohum was blocked for the mean time and a different route has been created for driver.

But some driver still remain adamant and they want to use the blocked road. As a result, there was a crash between a VIP Bus and some other Vehicle in Kyebi leading to the death of two passengers on board instantly.


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