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How Immigration Service Officers Forced Degree Applicants To Accept Entry With SHS Certificates

MyNewsGh.com gathers that the Ghana Immigration Service recruitment has not been fair to applicants across the country.

According to our sources, although several Ghanaian Graduates applied for officer roles, people who qualified to be picked for Officer roles were forced to be admitted into the service for training as Recruits.

These persons were not given any explanation for the decision by the service to take such a decision.

Applicants were asked to either accept to leave their University Degrees and their HND Certificates and use their Senior High School Certificate or forfeit the opportunity for people who are interested.

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“I was called on the phone that I had qualified after the exams so I need to come for medicals. When we went for the medicals, we were told that we need to forfeit our degrees and enter the service with our SHS certificates. This is me who has a Masters and has to apply for the service with my Degree. So after leaving my Masters, they tell me to also leave my Degree and enter with SHS certificate. This is troubling. I think the Immigration Service hasn’t been fair to the people of Ghana,” one applicant told this news portal.

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Some applicants who seem not to have enough choices agreed to the option given them by the Immigration Service although they bought forms for the Cadet.

Worrying, however, is the fact that after the screening exercise, the Immigration Service has failed to communicate with their publics concerning the outcome of the examinations.

The Service has closed down its recruitment portal and has kept applicants in the dark without any statement to the effect that they are done with the recruitment process.

The recruitment process for the various security services has become very worrying such that security analyst Adib Saani believes it might be problematic for the country’s security.

Read His Full Post Here

For years on end, issues of police officers conniving with criminals has come up for discussion. One of the major causes of “good cop gone rogue” phenomenon is the result of the caliber and quality of men recruited. If you recruit without exercising due diligence and rather rely on protocol lists, that could be the result.

Years back, some recruits after going through almost all of the police training were asked to go home because the certificates they submitted were fake. If we can’t ascertain the authenticity of a mere certificate, how much backgrounds can we conduct?

After over 100,000 young people applied, some were dropped during the fitness checks. That was televised for all to see. But after that stage, things began to look murky. The exams process including the grading mode appeared shady.

In the spirit of transparency, raw scores should be published. Ghanaians deserve to know the basis on which those who didn’t pass the exams were dropped.

We can’t allow protocol to take precedence over merit. When we recruit the wrong people into our security services, it puts the security of the state in a precarious situation.

Adib Saani
Security Analyst/Exe. Dir. Jatikay Centre for Human Security and Peace Building

Source: MyNewsGh.com

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