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“I Won’t Declare Myself A Mere Driver’s Mate”- The Implications

In the bid to outdoor the “Running Mate” Prof. Jane Nana Opku Agyemang of the NDC flag bearer John Dramani Mahama, something strange and unfathomable happened.

Maybe, the one who made the pronouncement never meant what she was saying or those gathered at that August ceremony did not take notice of it. Hahaha, in an attempt to take a swipe at Dr. Mahmoud Bawumia in the Driver’s mate analogy, Prof Nana Opoku Agyemang made a very serious remarks, *”I won’t declare myself a mere driver’s mate”*.

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In the 1st instance, she had forgotten that the theme for the program was the outdooring of the Running Mate “. That suggests that she is a mate, no matter what because even in the space of this campaign, there is no way her ideas and suggestions will supercede that of the flag bearer.

Surfice to assume that what l am thinking and what the Ahwois said is anything to go by then Prof. Jane Nana Opoku Agyemang is telling the former President and the NDC party that she has something under her sleeves and ready to take over power should something happens. From her statement, she seem to mean that something will definitely happen as it occurred during Prof. Atta Mills regime.

For her to say that she won’t declare herself a mere running mate means that she herself as a spare driver who is hoping for the substantive driver to either fail, fall sick or otherwise for her to declare herself the *”Ogboo”*. Interesting times ahead. In other words, she is telling John Dramani Mahama that she will not succumb to his control because she will share the steer with him because she will not be a mere driver’s mate.

Nana Opoku Agyemang wants Ghanaians to know that in the unlikely event, should Mahama wins, She should be ready for a possible take over of government.

Taking a swipe against Dr. Bawumia is dangerous and recipe for unnecessary talk.

By: Dr. APC
(The voice from afar)

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