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Adu-Opoku Christian, APC. DCE Afigya Kwabre South

Why Can’t Anybody In The Ndc Explain “24 Hour Economy” To Ghanaians?

Series “A” By: Dr. APC

Are Ghanaians so gullible and dumbed to get the meaning of “24HR Economy” from the Propounders (NDC) of this Policy , yet wants Ghanaians to vote for them?.

It is very interesting when you ask any NDC fellow the meaning of that Policy S/he fumbles and beat about the bush. Each person you ask, has something different to say. There has not been any clear cut and concise definition or explanation to the policy which has become a mantra or popular in our frontline politics today.

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They have branded their cars, vans, buses, T’shirts, Caps, clothes, you name it, yet they can’t explain the meaning to anybody. Again, if l may add my voice to those who seek understanding of the term, “What is 24hr Economy?”

It is sad to note that, anytime anybody asks of the meaning of this 24 HR thing, the members of the NDC become angry and even want to attack your personality. “You have coined and packaged a term or policy for elections 2024 and Ghanaians are asking of its meaning and you go berserk” .

In all the interviews and political shows that communicators of NDC have attended, they fail miserably in trying to explain it. They become a comedy of the word.

Hmmmm, this means they don’t have a clear understanding of the word or the policy but just coined it in order to catch the attention of the public.

In the next series, l will try to sample the various explanations given by gurus of the 24Hr Economy for you to make your own judgement.

By: Dr. APC
( The voice from afar)

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