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A Call For The Prevention Of ECOWAS From Attacking Itself ~ Osei Kofi Acquah, National Youth Organizer for the CPP writes.

Do we hear what I think I am hearing?

Do you also see the signs I think I see?

Or this is just another Rumor of an impending Horror?

“Is it true that Africa is waging war against Africa”?

An incomprehensible exhibition of Hipocricy by a leader who hates the overthrow governments by soldiers but will keep and maintain the name of Ghana’s International airport, although he has rename almost half of state monuments and institutions in Ghana.

The corridors of Ghana’s International airport still echoes the name of a Coup leader who set the pace, and yet those who came to Ghana through those corridors to Discourage Coup in Niger walked through and saw nothing wrong.

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Has Indirect Rule by hand of Neo-Colonialism finally awoke and is
Stirring another instability in Africa, due to *their* greed for more, even in their restless sleep?

In the pale and smokey moonlights that lies ahead of this needless war,
You and I have reason to remember this.

Soldiers write the songs that soldiers sing
The songs that you and I don’t sing which do before complain.

They will blow their horns and march along every given Command by their superios are have been brainwashed to think that attacking their brothers and sisters in Niger is the right thing to do.

As Good Citizens of Africa, Let’s not look the other way
Taking a chance
Because if the bugler starts to play and the guns and the bombs begin to fire,
We too will feel the pains, the inconvenience and the hostilities even from home.

Let’s not sit in silent, waiting to later ask what is that dreadful sound, what’s that dreadful rumble?

What’s In the distance but drawing nearer and nearer should not be mistaking for an ordinary storm that’s approaching.

All the thunder and blinding lights that looms in the grips of the approaching catastrophe will have a dreadful impact on us all.

The borrowed words of ABBA amended

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