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Video Of Fearless Ukrainian Civilian Woman Confronting Russian Soldiers Goes Viral [watch]

A video of a Ukrainian woman confronting Russian soldiers has gone viral.

The woman has been tagged as fearless considering how she was able to confront the Russian soldiers as if everything was normal.

In the video sighted by browngh.com, the woman could be seen standing up to heavily-armed Russian soldiers demanding to know what they were doing in her country (Ukraine).

In the short clip the woman first asked the soldiers: “Who are you?””

The soldiers responded,”We have exercises here.Please go this way”

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When she realized that they were Russian Soldiers the woman in the port city of Henichesk said ” So what the f*** are you doing here?””

The soldiers with large machine guns and a headgun tried to calm the woman saying “Our discussion will lead to nothing.””

But the woman doesn’t appear to be fearful and instead says,”You’re occupants,you’re fascists! What the f*** are you doing on our land with these guns? Take these seeds and put them in your pockets,so at least sunflowers(National flowers of Ukraine) will grow when you all lie down here:

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The video which was captured by passersby has garnered praise from netizens.

Russia-Ukraine war: Russian forces crossed the Ukrainian border on Thursday and launched an attack.

Watch the video below;

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