The stolen oil, the military and a man named Government

A network of illegal oil pipelines being unearthed in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region has revealed the extent of oil theft in the country, astounding even the most cynical about Nigeria’s obscure but hugely lucrative oil industry. In Delta state, thieves built their own 4km- (2.5 mile) long pipeline through the …

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Mali and Burkina Faso: Did the coups halt jihadist attacks? as So far it’s only Ghana that has been untouched

Sahel Islamist insurgency A protester holds a Malian flag during a demonstration organised by the pan-Africanst platform Yerewolo to celebrate France’s announcement to withdraw French troops from Mali, in Bamako, on 19 February 2022. Many Malians welcomed the coups following months of anti-government protests. Widespread anger at chronic insecurity in …

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