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[video] Funny Face screaming, advising Upcoming Guys on Women from psychiatric hospital breaks heart..

It seems comedian, Funny Face, is not finding it easy at all with his admission at the psychiatric hospital where he was diagnosed with bipolar.

In a new video, Funny Face is seen standing by a drying line at the hospital, lamenting as he tries to make a point.

He is heard lamenting badly about how a woman, his baby mama, for that matter, has caused him to lose his sanity.

Funny Face went ahead to advise young men to be very careful in choosing a mate, stressing that his baby mama, Vanessa, is a bad woman that any man should avoid.

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Using himself as an example, Funny Face says no man should go in for a woman like his baby mama Vanessa who is at the centre of his predicament.

Funny Face called his baby mama Venessa a pr0stitʋte and any woman like her will fuck guys up.

The depreciated Funny Face added that due to his relationship with Venessa, he has ended up at a psychiatric hospital, washing his clothes and panties all by himself.

“You boys choose wisely when you are going in for a woman, choose wisely,” he said in a video he posted on his Instagram page. “I keep advising you to choose wisely. Over 6.7 million followers of mine, choose wisely. A woman will [email protected] you up if you go in for a shashee or Ashawo somebody like Vanessa, she will [email protected] you up. Today I’m living at a psychiatric hospital. I have dried by boxers and things just because of a woman’s vajayjay.”

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Watch the video below :

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