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Brekum: Swarm of Bees invade Jinijini Market


A swarm of bees invaded Jinijini Friday Market and left traders in confusion.

Wonders shall never end as the saying goes, has manifested in a farming community in the Berekum-West District Capital (Jinijini) where every Friday marks the market day for the District which welcome traders from various communities to trade, has today encountered a swarm of bees while trading.

One of the traders who’s a material seller spoke to Amansan Somakrofo Asomah krokosumserɛ on Adikanfo FM indicating that she was at her end when the bees invaded her material and the whole area.

Speaking to Mrs Madina, an Environmental Health Officer in the Berekum West District to intervene, she said, fumigation could not be done as the substance is very poisonous and could cause harm to the traders.

It took the action of one insecticide seller to control the situation.

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