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Urine colour very important: see what color says about your health

Do you know that the colour of your urine has a lot to say about your health? Urine can speak volumes about your health and all you have to do is listen and watch carefully. The consistency, colour and odour can give you signs of your overall well-being and health. No matter what you eat or drink to what insidious disease may be developing secretly inside your body, your urine can help reveal it all. That is why you need to be very observant about this.

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Some urine colour and what it reveals about you include;

1. Transparent

So many people experience this but do not know what it means. Colourless urine usually is an indication of over-hydration. Though not quite the danger dehydration can pose, over-hydration isn’t to be dismissed lightly either. Drinking too much water can essentially dilute necessary salts or electrolytes, generating a chemical imbalance in our blood. Even as dehydration is not good, always moderate the amount of water you take.

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2. Pale, straw-coloured

For those who normally see this colour of urine, it’s a big congrats because it’s good. This colour reflects a healthy and well-hydrated individual.

3. Dark yellow

This is still good but it is good if you drink some water soon. Despite being somewhat under-hydrated, your body is yet working normally because that’s how incredible a survival machine it is. However, it’s best not to test its limits and heed its warning. Start drinking more water if you notice this colour.

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4. Honey or amber-coloured

This colour is not good and it shows you are dehydrated.

5 Orange

Orange is a serious sign you must pay attention to. If it’s a light orange it could signify possible dehydration. It could also be a result of the bile duct or liver problems, food dye consumption or also excessive vitamin B intake. Dark orange could be a symptom of severe dehydration, rhabdomyolysis, gilbert’s syndrome. You can also seek medical attention once you begin to experience this.

6. Pink

If your urine colour is pink, this may certainly be a product of your recent rhubarb or blueberry consumption.

7. Red

Red coloured urine is a sign of many conditions. Hematuria is a sign of blood in the urine, and it can be idiopathic, benign or even a symptom of a tumour or infection in your urinary tract, or a kidney stone. Alternatively, it could symbolize a prostate problem if you’re male or maybe even lead poisoning. Whatever this might be, please seek medical attention once you discover it.

8. Green

Consuming asparagus can generate green urine. Alternatively, certain food dyes, medications or even a potential bacterial UTI can be accountable for the colour. Seek a medical attention once you begin to discover this sign.

9. Blue

The type of food you consume can alter the colour of your urine. Certain food dyes or medications can elicit this colour. But so does a very unique metabolic disorder by the name of familial hypercalcemia. It is an inherited condition that is caused by the incomplete breakdown of dietary protein, tryptophan. Watch out for this sign and seek medical attention immediately.

10. Dark brown or blackish

Dark brown or blackish urine could be a product of something harmless, such as consuming large amounts of fava beans, aloe or rhubarb. Alternatively, dark brown urine could also be a symptom of rhabdomyolysis. Blackish urine could be a potential product of phenol or copper poisoning or even a symptom of melanoma. Seek medical attention once you begin to observe this

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