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Sad News V/R: 15 year old girl found dead in water tank

The body of a 15-year-old girl known as Dogbeda has been found dead in a water tank at Have Abrodime in the Afadjato South district of the Volta region according to news sources.

The decomposed body was found in a water tank in the house of one _Mawule Kodzo_ at Have Abrodime.

The Have township was thrown into a state of shock after the girl was declared missing by her parents on Thursday which led to the beating of gong gong.

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According to the parents, on Thursday , November 18,2021, their daughter left home but it was detected later in the evening that the she did not pass the night in the house.

The following day which was Friday they caused gong gong to be beaten to alert the youth about the missing girl. Given the recent cases of kidnapping in the country the youth embarked on a wild search for the girl.

In the afternoon of Saturday the suspect’s sister who returned from the farm and feeling thirty, opened the tank only to see the decomposed body of the girl in the water tank.

According to the woman when she got closer to the tank to fetch water she sensed a bad stench and flies around the tank and upon opening the tank a dead body of a girl was found.

According to information gathered by our news team the Have police were informed about the development and they quickly rushed to the scene to obtain first hand information.

Upon reaching there they realised the body had decomposed beyond imagination so they quickly arranged for some ambulance and took the body to the Anfoega mortury. The mortuary attendants however gave an excuse that the mortury was full.

They then proceeded to Margaret Marquart mortury at Kpando and the same reason was given as the mortury being full. Sensing that the body would not last the following day the police released the body to the family for burial.

Meanwhile , a suspect Mr Mawule Kodzo, whose house the body was found voluntarily surrendered himself to the Have police whiles investigations continue.

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