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University of Ghana UG, Releases Cut-off Points for 2021/22 Undergraduate Admissions [Check Out]

The management of the University of Ghana (UG) has released Cut-off Points for the 2021/2022 Undergraduate Admissions Cut-off Points.

Unitedshowbiz.com.gh features the list of courses and their respective Cut-off Points for first-choice programmes for 2021/2022 University of Ghana, Legon admissions.:

Programme Cut-off Point Affirmative Subject Requirements

College of Basic and Applied Science
BSc. Biological Sciences 24 C6 in Chemistry

BSc. Earth Sciences 24 C5 in Chemistry, C6 in Physics

BSc. Agricultural Engineering 22 24 B3 in Elective Maths

BSc. Biomedical Engineering 9 11 B3 in Elective Maths

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BSc. Computer Engineering 8 11 B3 in Elective Maths

BSc. Food Process Engineering 17 B3 in Elective Maths

BSc. Materials Science & Engineering 17 19 B3 in Elective Maths

BSc. Family & Child Studies 16 C6 in Management in Living

BSc. Food & Clothing 20 C6 in Chemistry

BSc. Information Technology 12 13 B2 in Core Maths

BSc. Mathematical Sciences 14 15 B3 in Elective Maths

BSc. Physical Sciences 24 C6 in Chemistry, C6 in Physics, C5 in Elective Maths
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 14
BSc. Psychology 24

College of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 7
Doctor of Pharmacy 8
BSc. Nursing 9
BSc. Midwifery 9
Bachelor of Dental Surgery 9
BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences 12
BSc. Physiotherapy 14
BSc. Nutrition & Dietetics 14
BSc. Diagnostic Radiography 14
BSc. Occupational Therapy 18

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College of Education
BSc. Education 24
BA. Education 24
B.Ed. ( JHS Specialism) 24
BA. Education (English) 24
BA. Sports and Physical Culture 24
BSc. Information Technology – Distance Education 24
BSc. Administration – Distance Education 30
Bachelor of Arts – Distance Education 30

College of Humanities
Bachelor of Laws 7
BSc. Administration – Legon Campus 8(9)
BSc. Administration – Legon Campus (Full-Fee Paying) 14
BSc. Administration – City Campus 24
Bachelor of Arts (General Arts Background) 15(16)
Bachelor of Arts (Full-Fee Paying) 22
Bachelor of Arts (Business/Science/ Vocational Background) 12
Bachelor of Arts City Campus 24
Bachelor of Fine Arts 24

University of Ghana Admission Requirements for WASSCE/SSCE Applicants

Wesley Girls’ High School crowned Winners of The Sharks Quiz 2021 (Season 4); as they beat Presec-Legon Boys
All applicants will be considered on the basis of result equivalents as provided by the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), as per schedule below:
A1 1 Excellent A 1 – Excellent
B2 2 – Very Good B 2 – Very Good
B3 3 – Good C 3 – Good
C4 4 – Credit D 4 – Credit
C5 5 – Credit E 5 – Pass
C6 6 – Credit F 6- Fail
D7 7 – Pass
E8 8 – Pass
F9 9 – Fail
Qualifications acceptable for admissions include the following:

Senior Secondary School Certificates (SSSCE/WASSSCE)

Baccalaureate (French)
International Baccalaureate (IB)
GCE (Cambridge) – ‘A’ and ‘O’ Levels
GCSE & ‘A’ Levels

American High School – Grade 12 examinations

Other external qualifications which have equivalences to the WASSSCE/SSSCE and the GCE (A Levels). All admissions will be to Level 100.

All applicants who have ever attended or graduated with Certificate/Diploma from the University of Ghana from 1996 to date should indicate their **STUDENT IDENTITY NUMBERS** on their application forms.

The same number will be used in the intended programme of study if admitted.

Since the 2007/2008 academic year, the University of Ghana has ceased to admit applicants with the West African Examination Council’s Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificates

All Applicants must take note that the process for admission to the University of Ghana is very transparent.

Applicants should therefore beware of any persons who may approach them on the pretext of assisting them gain admission for a fee.

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