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Ukraine: Russian Soldiers defeated, expelled in city

Russian president Vladimir Putin has angered many nations of the world following his surprise but astonishing decision to deploy the Russian army to his country’s border with Ukraine and actually going ahead to deploy them inside Ukraine.

As the world continues to mount pressure on Russia to stop the unprovoked assault on its fellow sovereign state, Ukrainian troops have been putting on a brave fight in an attempt to protect their sovereignty.

And now, as multiple reports now state, all the Russian troops in Ukrainian City of Kharkiv which is actually the second largest city in Ukraine have been successfully defeated by Ukrainian troops.

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As AFP news agency and other Media outlets reports, some of the Russian troops have started surrendering even as Kharkiv city governor confirms that the City is now free from Russian assailants.

The latest victory by Ukrainian troops comes even as other countries continue to pledge support in the form of weapons and funding to Kyiv.

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