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Sefwi Essam: Traders, Residents in fears as pot of snakes found in market [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

Wonders shall never end as strange pot containing big snake found at Sefwi Essam market ,traditional authorities perform rites and burnt it.

Traders and Residents of Sefwi Essam in the Western North Region were taken abass when they spotted a strange pot containing a big snake in the market when they went to as usual display their wares.

The pot which was covered with red and black materials and Ghc 5 notes scattered around it was reported to the traditional authorities and some form of rites were duly performed to ensure no bad omen befalls the people.

The Queen Mother of Sefwi Essam , Nana Adwoa Ahu who spearheaded the opening and burning of the pot shared how she witnessed the pot when she got to the market following the necessary rites.

She further encouraged traders from far and near to gather courage and go about their normal business for they have pacified the gods and had prayed fervently against any calamity that the person might have intended to bring upon residents.

She also urged the Youth to desist from such acts of seeking quick money resulting to such unwarranted sacrifices which can probably lead them to their early graves.


Awuku Addo, Western North Region.

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