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Another Oldman @ 60 Weds Young Girl. PHOTOS

It becomes a little bit strange to people when they come across videos and pictures of an old man or woman getting married to a young girl or boy. Some people even tag this kind of marriage as a love of money and not a genuine affection or care.

They believe that young guys who marry the aged marry them because of the money or the property they have.

They believe that young guys agreed to this kind of marriage because the old man or woman will soon pass away for the property to be theirs. But we have come across a genuine love between a young lady and an old man in Ghana, as we speak they are still living together.

The photos in this article show a new one. Checking the facial expression of the old man in these photos, he will probably be between the ages of 70 and 80 years old. The young beautiful girl will probably be in her early twenties. There is clear evidence that this man is probably 40 plus older than this young girl.

After saying their vows, the Man of God told them to kiss. The old man holds the cheek of his wife and robs it for about 30 seconds. It appears he was feeling the freshness of a young lady’s skin.

They were captured kissing for about one minute. The way and manner the young girl holds the husband shows that she was not forced into the marriage but she truly loves the old man.

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