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No Rot at Ghana Gas ~ Group Rebuts Claims by NDC News Portal

A group by name Patriotic Ghanaian Youth (PGY) based in the Western Region has rebuffed claims by the Herald Newspaper online portal that there was rot happening at the Ghana Gas Company Limited.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Anthony Cudjoe, spokesperson for the group said they are surprised that the NDC news portal would dream and seek to dent the image of one of the best working state entities.

He noted that since the tenure of the current Chief Executive officer, Dr Ben KD Asante, Ghana Gas had operated beyond what was normal under the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

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‘’It is unthinkable for the Herald Online portal to dream about such false claims about Ghana Gas and attribute those scurrilous claims to the Energy Minister despite knowing very well that the state entity under Dr Ben Asante has become the toast of everyone in the country winning several awards including best operating state entity with the CEO, Ben Asante winning best Chief Executive award several times for his transparent operations’’, the spokesperson stated.


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The Spokesperson said under the NPP and the current CEO, Dr Ben Asante, Ghana Gas has been operating as a wholly Ghanaian outfit.

He stated that currently all workers at the state outfit are Ghanaians and have been trained to be world class.

The spokesperson said unlike previously where the NDC employed foreigners to man the departments and offices as well as operations at the Gas Company, the NPP government and Dr Ben Asante have shown that the outfit can be handled by trained professionals and artisans from Ghana.

‘’During the NDC tenure Ghana Gas was operating with almost 80% foreigners who took home fat salaries to develop their countries but currently the same Ghana Gas was being operated by wholly Ghanaian professionals’’, Mr Cudjoe posited.


The group spokesperson revealed that about 200 Ghanaians have gotten the opportunity to enter the university through scholarships provided by Ghana Gas.

Many others, he noted, have gotten the opportunity to go overseas to better themselves in the operations of Ghana Gas with most returning with the knowledge to help the state entity.

Mr Cudjoe said he is aware of special packages Ghana Gas has for schools in the Western Region whose infrastructure needs attention.

‘’We in the Western Region and Western North are aware of the commitment of Ghanan  Gas to the local economies here and have deliberately channeled support to our students who want university education as well as schools that needed support to operate at optimum levels’’, the spokesperson intimated.

Sports Educational Facilities:

The spokesperson mentioned the numerous education facilities Ghana Gas has supplied to over 300 schools since 2017.

He noted that apart from renovations, Ghana Gas has constructed schools in all the 16 regions of the country.

On Sports facilities, the spokesperson said the state entity had constructed over 100 astro-turfs across Ghana with almost every district having one.

‘’I can say on authority that almost every district in Ghana has benefitted from the social responsibility projects of Ghana Gas and these projects have come about because of the prudent managerial strategy by Dr Ben Asante and his management’’, Mr Cudjoe posited.

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