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BREAKING: Coup underway in Congo-Brazzaville while 79-year-old President is in the US for UN Summit

In a concerning turn of events, reports are emerging of a coup unfolding in the Republic of Congo, casting a shadow over the nation’s stability.

The 79-year-old President, Denis Sassou Nguesso, is currently in New York, United States, where he was scheduled to attend the United Nations General Assembly, while the coup is underway The origins and instigators of this coup remain shrouded in uncertainty.

Speculation within local media has pointed to the commander of the Presidential guard, but no official confirmation has been provided regarding the coup’s orchestrators.

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If confirmed, this incident would mark the third coup to occur in Africa within less than a year, following similar upheavals in Niger and Gabon.

ECOWAS will succeed if it intervenes in Niger coup – Mahama… Gambia foils alleged coup attempt, arrests four soldiers Government officials swiftly denied the allegations of a coup attempt, with government spokesperson, Thierry Moungalla, dismissing the reports as “fake news.” He reassured the public of the prevailing calm in the country and urged citizens to continue their daily activities unperturbed.

The recent coup in Gabon in August 2022 led to the overthrow of President Ali Bongo Ondimba, marking the end of a Bongo dynasty that had ruled Gabon for over half a century. The Republic of the Congo, officially known as the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville), finds itself at the heart of this unfolding crisis.

Its geographical proximity to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) often leads to the need for clarification to distinguish the two nations.

As the situation develops, President Sassou-Nguesso has yet to make a public statement regarding the reported coup attempt, leaving the nation and the international community anxiously awaiting his response.

A brief overview of President Sassou-Nguesso’s political journey reveals a complex and tumultuous history. His military background and involvement in coups in the early 1970s propelled him to power.

He has been in office for extended periods, with allegations of corruption casting a shadow over his regime.

The evolving situation in the Republic of Congo underscores the fragility of political stability in some African nations and raises concerns about the potential for further violence and unrest.

source: insidergh.com

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