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The Clerg Slams NPP Party Over Politics Of Monetization, Bad Governance

A group of the clergy in the Ashanti region led by Apostle Sampson Kwarteng, Founder of the True Foundation Ministry and leader of Ghana Is Sick Campaigner located at Atonsu-Ramseyer in the Asokwa Municipality in a press conference described the ruling party as a government that has lost focus in shaping the country.

Stated unequivocally that, the direction in which the ruling party led by the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is venturing is a suicidal path toward endangering the future of the country through bad governance and political monetization.

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Stressing further, the two political parties, NDC, and NPP are stampeding the country’s democracy using evil tactics to downplay the well-being of the citizenry with the nation’s resources.

To quote, Apostle Kwarteng, “Nana Addo is wicked for pushing Bawumia to lead the party to cover up the mess caused by him and Bawumia”.

Speaking during the press briefing, Apostle Kwarteng reiterated that Ghana has been reduced to the extent of people struggling to have three squeammeals due to bad leadership in the current administration.

Politics, he noted, is to enhance the people’s interests where lives are equitably achieved by our leaders but, transparency coupled with trustworthiness to manage the country’s resources judiciously eluded them.

“Ghanaians are suffering while politicians squandering huge sums of money on delegates to vote them into leadership positions”.

Barely a month ago, whopping sums of money were paid to delegates during the NPP Super Delegates Conference and it’s still suggesting that over 20,000 delegates will receive Ghc5,000 per delegate in the upcoming November 4th NPP flag bearer elections. Such attitude and abuse of democracy is sending negative signals to the youth who are the future leaders of this country.

“A nation is not built by the inducement of the people’s will but based on job creation and development”.

According to him, Ghanaians invested so much trust in Nana Addo when he was campaigning to lead the country but he has dolefully failed the nation…many Ghanaians are tired of NPP and NDC until a new third force party emerge, and Ghana will continue to suffer in the hands of the two political parties.

“Ghana is a blessed nation, but our leaders have reduced it to corruption and political bigotry seeking to satisfy their selfish interest.NDC and NPP don’t think about the progress of the country’s development.”Ghana will retrogress so badly when NPP continue to stay in power coming 2024”.

The NPP is campaigning to break the 8…”what did they do to merit breaking the 8″, such an annoyed attempt by the NPP, is rather the opposite way where they are going to break the 8 in their party, not Ghana.

Apostle Sampson Kwarteng descended heavily on the vice president, Dr Mahamudu Bawimia, describing him as someone who thwarted himself as the economic messiah calling former president Mahama and his NDC government incompetent leaders who could not manage the economy and that he had the solution to Ghana’s problem, failed woefully and wanted to be president again. “What message will Dr. Bawumia preach about the economy, the cedi to the dollar”?

The vice president has lost his credibility and Ghana will be doomed when Nana ddo’s Bawumia becomes president.

Apostle Kwarteng addressing the media, expressed his disappointment about how leadership has suddenly become Ghana’s biggest problem who thinks first about their interest than the country.

He said, the country’s debt stock is skyrocketing which contributed negatively to the nation’s development in the hands of the NPP government.

Nana Addo-led NPP is using state resources to build their party which is a direction every Ghanaian should be concerned about.

Apostle Kwarteng was quick to conclude that, Ghanaians, especially the youth are at risk in the hands of our leaders until they begin to see the need to resist the oppression of our leaders, the country’s future will be bleak.

Speaking to buttress his assertions, Apostle Dr Owusu B also told the media that,the level at which money plays a pivotal role in the country’s politics is moving Ghana in the wrong direction if strenuous measures are not taken, we shall continue to be ruled by nation wreckers.

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