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If I’m not Performing Vote Me Out, We Don’t Need Coup- Nana Addo

The President of the Republic of Ghana has spoken to his people and through the social media on Twitter. President Nana Akufo-Addo have just made a post on his official Twitter page passing a statement on the importance of the ballot box and how well it has contributed to the stability of the country.

In his statement he said; “Using the ballot box has contributed to the stability of our country. People believe that if a leader is not doing well, they can vote against that leader in four years’ time. We don’t need a coup to change someone.”

The President of Ghana thinks if we think any government is not doing well, and if he himself is not doing well as a leader, we should wait and vote against him in four years time. We don’t need coup as Ghanaians to change our leaders, we need to utilize the ballot boxes like we have been doing and have helped our country so far.

Post by the President on Twitter. The next election is in 2024 and as a peaceful President as he is, if Ghanaians think he is not doing well, he is sending this to Ghanaians that we don’t need coup, and all we have to do is to vote against him come 2024 for another government to take over. Coups will not help the country Ghana.

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