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I Suspect Some Group Of People In The Npp Planning To Take The Party ~ Kwesi Pratt

The Managing Editor of the Inside Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt, has dropped a stunning revelation about the New Patriotic Party.

He revealed that there are two opposing forces and groups within the New Patriotic Party that might destabilize the unity which has existed in the party.

According to him, one of the forces has existed all this while but the new group or force emerging is planning on changing the current state of the party.

“There is an anti-establishment movement that wants to change the current order of the party.”, he explained.

The main reason why he made that assertion and prediction is because of his recent observation about the New Patriotic Party.

“Within the last years, a certain element of struggle has been introduced into the New Patriotic Party which I never saw in the 90s. For the first time, party people fought in the headquarters. I have never heard it before. I never heard that within the New Patriotic Party, a sitting General Secretary will have his car smashed.”, Kwesi Pratt explained.

Kwesi Pratt expressed his suspicion that this group of people want to take over the party and change everything.

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