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Story of Ataa Ayi the notorious robber, what happened to him after his arrest. [check out]

I’ m guessing the name Ataa Ayee is one you remember from your childhood, even if you don’ t, am sure you might have heard the name before as any thief is now referred to as Ataa Ayi. Ataa Ayi, also known as Raymond Ayee Ayeetey, was born in Adabraka, Accra.

According to rumors, Ataa Ayi dropped out of primary four (4) after his mother traveled to England. He enrolled in driving and started as a taxi driver.

Though he expresses his dissatisfaction with the job, Ataa Ayi accepts it since he must look after his pregnant wife. They were able to take money from wealthy people as the driver of an armed group. The armed gang absconded with a huge amount of twelve (12) million Cedis in 1999.

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The desire to make more money sprouted in their minds and emotions after a massively successful operation in 1999. The gang then moved on to loot banks and other less guarded establishments.

Though legend has it that Ataa Ayi possessed a magic that enabled him to vanish during the most trying of times. Following multiple thefts ranging from priests to bankers, the group gained notoriety in Accra’ s streets. In addition to stealing money, Ataa Ayi is accused of taking other goods such as jewelry.

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Ataa Ayi was detained on February 28th, 2005, after being captured drying clothes at her elderly sister’ s house after a series of hide- and- seek encounters with the police. That was Ataa Ayi’ s first arrest. Ataa Ayi was given a sentence of 160 years in prison.

Though He has begun a new life and accepted Christ, it is worth remembering that there is a kind Father who takes us into His bosom no matter how much sin we have done.

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