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Edition: NPP Breaking the “8” is Feasible- Hon APC writes.

Dr. APC’s Editorial Room.


Breaking the eight has become phenomenal with NPP and it seems to capture the center stage of every gathering when members of the the Elephant fraternity meet.

All members of the party have realized that the term break the eight is feasible and that it needs little efforts from all and sundry to do justice to the slogan.

Ideally, the mantra will not go uncontested and unquestioned. How prepared is the party to break the jinx of this eight year recycling syndrome of NPP and NDC. It has become so synonymous that when NPP rules for eight Years, it is the turn of NDC. No, Ghanaians should now think beyond the normal and choose a party that have their interest at heart.

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The baton changing spree of political power will only plunge this country into deep gullies. If indeed we are ready for real development then the party that has shown signs of true development, addressing the needs of the people, taking hard decisions that will push the country forward ; such is the party that should be supported.

The NPP has demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubts that they are poised and ready to continue with governance and to steer the affairs of this country to a higher pedestal.

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Comparing the exploits of the previous administration to the current one, there is no doubt that the current administration has performed par excellence. Consolidating the gains of NPP and communicating to Ghanaians, the eight year jinx can be broken.

It is incumbent upon all to work in whatever way to make sure the jinx is broken. The reason is simple, NDC assuming office after this government who has made monumental strides despite COVID-19 is absolutely suicidal.

Any time NPP is in government the mess of NDC are cleared and real development is seen but strong propaganda puts NPP off their guard and NDC gets the opportunity to come back only to destroy the gains. It is time to say never again. NDC should remain in opposition.

The back and forth of governance in the country’s political dispensation only spells for doom. This country should not be made to go back again.

Looking at the gains chalked by Nana Akuffo Addo and his government it is just prudent to maintain the NPP government in power. No, not at all, no one should fall for the propaganda of the NDC who are clearly behind certain journalists and some CSOs who are fighting tooth and nail to support the NDC get access of the seat of government for their selfish gains.

All Ghanaians should think deep between these two parties, compare their records and sustain the NPP government in power to improve our lot.

Thank you.

Hon. CHRISTIAN ADU-POKU, APC, Afigya Kwabre South District Chief Executive, Ashanti Region.

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