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C/R: Gov’t told to introduce tracking device to monitor dispatching premixed fuel tankers.

Introduce A Monitoring System To Track Tankers that Dispatch Premix Fuel.. Mr Kowfie Adams Tells Govt.

Central regional chairman of the fishermen and fishmongers association (CENFA) Mr Francis Kowfie Adams has called on government to introduce a monitoring system that can track tankers when they are dispatching from Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) to the landing beach.

He said it would help the fishing communities and as well reduce the over politicization of the selling of the premix fuel to the fisherfolks.

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He mentioned premix fuel supply should be weekly per every landing beach across the fishing communities in Ghana and as of now central region is still not receiving enough premix fuel for its fishing activities.

Mr further stated the landing beach committee members sell the premix to middlemen at a rate of seventy gallons of premix at Ghc1000 instead of Ghc510, adding “the middlemen also sell to the fishermen at Ghc1500 per 70 gallons instead of the original price to be sold is Ghc510.

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He indicated the landing beach committees should be made to be accountable to the fisherfolks at the various landing beach.

He revealed that most landing beach committees are not accountable and transparent to the fisher folks, saying “due to delay in supply, the landing beach committee members who are in charge of selling and distributing premix fuel has resulted to illegally selling the available supply to middlemen.

In an interview with Peace News’ Sally Ngissah he called on the audit service department to pay attention to the landing beach committee since their operations are not for their own personal gains.

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“Most canoes are not able to go about their normal fishing job. The fishermen end up using all their proceeds to rather buy premix fuel for the next fishing activity without making any savings for future maintenance”, Mr Kowfie stressed.

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