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NPP Race and Ghana Politics: The Role Of Delegates ~ Anonymous Writes

Delegates choose leaders from their parties. The parties will then present them to the public before they can vote for them.

If the delegates present a wrong candidate then the country will have a bad and unqualified president.

Because of poverty, delegates are the most corrupt people in this country.

They are selfish, greedy and self seeking. They have become the devils of the soceity.

History has taught us that they just took money and vote for anybody regardless of his or her competence. This is what the whole country should demonstrate against. It has destroyed Ghanaian politics and it is killing this coountry.

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The biggest example is the Ndc who have selected former President Mahama. The public have no option. Whether they like it or not they have to vote for him.

Former President Mahama is so rich that he controls and take decisions for the Ndc.

There are so many intellectuals and competent politicians in the Ndc but because of corruption delegates took money and voted for Mahama.

Are we serious in this contry? Because of money and not the love and the progress of the country the delegates are presenting a candidate millions of Ghanaians have already rejected.

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The laws of the country doesnt work
Mahama is so rich for being a former president, He is not accountable to any laws of the state which can question the source of his ill-gotten wealth.

Now the Npp is about to decide. It is a drama. Almost all government appointees and party executives who should know better and remain neutral are supporting the vice president openly and the public is watching.

Everybody is complaining but leadership dont care. If delegates are not corrupt how can this happen in any human institution.

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In the superdelegates conference the government establishment succeeded in paying huge sums of money to vulnerable delegates to get the Veep winning so massively.

What is so special about the Veep to have won that election in the whole country if not money. On his own merits are u sure the Veep could have won such a fraud elections?

Information circulating on social media indicates that some delegates allegedly took as much as Gh¢100,000.

In this country if we need proof it is the very people who took the money responsibility to come out and testify, and nobody will do that in Ghana.

That is why the Office of special prosecutor has been a waste and useless organisation. There are no honest and sincere people in the soceity.

The campaign team of Dr. Bawumia have taken advantage of the poverty, weakness and the corrupt nature of the delegates.
The MPs, MCEs and the constituency chairmen have been instructed to influence at least half of the delegates to the side of Bawumia.

That is why the majority leader, the Regional minister, the Regional Chairman and some party executives are going round campaigning for Bawumia.

When they succeed in getting half of delegates to their side, huge sums of money will be shared.

With this manipulations the team of Bawumia are confident of winning the Nov. 4 elections hands down.

The team Ken have different option, They believe investment in the general public and not the delegates alone. With $6m, Hon Ken decided to build a cardioterapic centre at 37 millitary hospital.

This is about 72m ghc. He can also share this money to the delegates so as to vote for him. This is folly and unpatriotic. The team of Bawumia are ruthless and relentless. They are using all the resources to get him elected
They don’t care whether Bawumia can win the 2024 elections.

How can they be so callous, Because of power and position they are plunging this nation into chaos especially the Npp party that many people love so much.

Fellow delegates remember that money is the root of all evils, The country is bleeding, they need a liberator, the public have demonstrated their love for Hon Ken. May be it is devine.

Let us listen to the cry of the general public especially the teeming youth, the unemployed graduates and many others who are still not working because of lack of jobs in the country and do what is right by voting for Ken on Nov 4th.

Do what is right and God will take care of the rest.

By: Dr. Anonymous, from the corner of thinking.

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