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C/R: Ban of “Wake Keeping” Leads Thousands of Youth Storm, Demonstrate Against Chief

Thousands of Youth storm Breman Kokoso Palace to demonstrate against ban on wake-keeping and other events.

Thousands of youth from Breman Kokoso in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District on(Sunday) 3rd October 2021 storm the their chief’s palace to demonstrate and protest against the chief and elders decision to ban wake-keeping which has been in existence eversince.

In an interview with Evans Kwaku Oboafi Junior (Hardrock), the leaders of the youth, Afred, Yaw Botwey and Niko they expressed worries and the chief’s intention to infringe on their fundermental right.

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Assembly Man of Kokoso Electra area, Honourable Kofi Nkrumah when approached by the media affirm to the chief and elders autocratical decision to ban such events without the knowledge of some openion leaders of the town.

According the Youth in the Community have been instrumental in the communal labour, therefore if the traditional could extend the period of the wake keeping from 22hours to 1:00am hours would be better.

Speaking to the Odikro of Breman Kokoso, Nana Tutu Aban 111, on the issue raised by the youth, he said the directive is from above (Breman Traditional Council) and there is nothing he can do about it.

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Meanwhile the youth have vowed to do everything possible to let the elders retrieve their decision.


Youth leaders…
Alfred 0243400770

Yaw Botwey 0544815916

Niko 0550187380

The Assembly Man..
Honourable Kofi Nkrumah 0249697691

The Odikro, Nana Tutu Aban 111

For Heroesghnews Evans Kwaku Oboafi Junior (HARDROCK).

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