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“Put On Your Thinking Cup To Differentiate Dissimulate Nationalists” ~ Ashanti Regional Nasara Boss Writes.

Alhaji Saalim Bamba writes


Oliver Barker-Vormawor and his comrades succeeded in inflaming passion and media sensation in the very unfortunate Kaaka killing.

They drew the ill intentioned fix the country agenda into otherwise a family feud, they caused tension and death of innocent individuals and injuries thereafter, the media remain sensational about it with the view of making the government unpopular, the truth was shielded, they rallied behind Oliver et al, they trusted and believed Oliver et al against the Justice koomson committee and the police investigations.

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The government paid compensation to the families of the deceased individuals who died as a result of the confrontation with the police, it was reported that, fix the country lawyers demanded a share of the compensation as legal fees. A situation that was not only inconsiderate but shocking after making the whole world believed they were in to help poor, vulnerable families.

Supporters and conveners of the scam of a so called fix the country are now chasing their shadows, chickening out of the shame on the back of a letter to the police for a planned June 4th demonstration by the fix the country movement stating their own modus operandi in clear violation of the public order act 1994, act 491.

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I heard Samson Anyenini Say “they have messed up” . I dare say He has also messed up for allowing them on his platform on several occasions to spew fabrications and lies in the name of fix the country.

I heard Captain Smart and Okatakyie Afrifah distance themselves from the letter, I dare say they should take legal action against Oliver.

I heard several media practitioners who were fooled by the fix the country agenda lament about Oliver’s approach, I dare say they should apologize to the good people of Ghana for falling into such a scam of nationalism and sharing in their views along same lines without duty of care.

You may not like the government, you may be on an agenda to cause change of government, make it unpopular but let’s do it with uthmost care and thought. You may be innocent of the ill motivated fix the country agenda, but beware not to be gullible next time, put on your thinking cup next time to differentiate dissimulate nationalists.

Alhaji Saalim Bamba (left) with his deputy Nasara Coordinator, Alhaji Hamisu Ibrahim (right)

God bless our homeland Ghana.


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