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BREAKING: Larry Modowo reportedly quits CNN following Contentious Interview Withith Sam George On LGBTQ In Ghana. [See Pictures, Video]

Larry Modowo reportedly quits CNN following contentious interview with Sam George on LGBTQ in Ghana.

Larry Modowo has reportedly left his job at CNN following his tense and contentious interview with Ghanaian politician Sam George on LGBTQ rights in Ghana.

The Ningo-Prampram MP has been hailed for his eloquence, articulation and wide understanding of issues. The way and manner he went about answering the delicate questions on LGBTQ on CNN a day ago have been applauded by many.

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However, it appears that has cost the job of Larry Modowo as he has reportedly quit CNN following the interview.

Meanwhile, Larry right after the interview with Sam George had described the entire session as the “most contentious interview” he has ever hosted.

This is one of the most contentious interviews I’ve ever done on live TV. I asked a Ghanaian MP pushing an anti-LGBT bill why he wants to legalize hate & homophobia. “Only 7% of Ghanaians are tolerant of homosexuality,” MP @samgeorgegh told me on @OneWorldCNN

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Moments before the interview, Larry Modowo announced that he had left CNN studios based in Atlanta, the USA for Dubai. It is unclear if he has been transferred or has completely quit his job.

Larry Modowo is a Kenyan-born journalist who is considered one of the finest African anchors in the world. He is a Kenyan journalist and a CNN International Correspondent.

He was previously a North America Correspondent for the BBC and also anchored breaking news and presented BBC World News America from Washington, DC. [Wikipedia]

However, his recent interview with Sam Goerge which happened to be his last time at CNN has taught him much about his job and probably influenced his overall decision to leave.

“Hire an interpreter to help you understand English” – Sam George blasts Peace FM over twisted reportage on his CNN interview
Sam George has fired Peacefmonline.com, a subsidiary of Despite Media over what he described as a twisted reportage on his interview with CNN a day ago.

According to the Ningo-Prampram MP, the media house or online portal needs to hire a professional interpreter to help them grasp the imports of his interview with CNN to help them put out a factual reportage.

An article published on Peacefmonline.com had a headline that presupposed that Sam George found himself wanting when he was interviewed on CNN over the passing of the anti-LGBTQ Bill in Ghana.

While many have commended the legislator for his eloquence and intelligence, the article said Sam George was at the mercy of the interviewer and was bashed. Per the content of the article, the interviewer, Larry Modowo made it tough for Sam George to express his understanding of the entire LGBTQ issue.

Ghana is not a place for homosexuals – Sam George strongly argues for the passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill in Ghana on CNN [Video] Ningo-Prampram MP Sam George defended his strong stance on the criminalization of LGBTQ in Ghana when he was hosted on CNN in a video interview.

The Cable News Network (CNN) had called the legislator to understand his point of view on the Anti-LGBTQ Bill which the Parliament of Ghana is looking forward to debating on and possibly getting it passed.

While the conversation about LGBTQ has become very critical and yet volatile especially for people like Sam George who strongly pushes for it to be criminalized in Ghana, the MP had to explain the reasoning behind his decision and the collective decision of some MPs to get the Bill passed.

Arguments have been made for and against the passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill with many citing human rights abuse and infringement on the liberties of citizens who are entitled to choose their sexual preferences without any hindrances or whatsoever.

During the interview with CNN, Sam George maintained that LGBTQ is alien to the Ghanaian culture and will never be allowed to fester in the country. He maintained that although the counter-arguments on human rights and related issues are valid, the MPs of Ghana’s Parliament will ensure that the Anti-LGBTQ Bill is passed.

Hard as the interviewer tried to convince Sam George or better still appeal to his conscience on the merits and demerits of the passing of the Anti-LGBTQ Bill and what it will mean to people who practise it across the world, he stood his grounds by engaging in an intellectual argument about the concerted decision of almost the entire populace to see to the banning of LGBTQ in Ghana.

Already, a survey conducted recently revealed that about 93 per cent of Ghanaians agree that LGBTQ should not be legalized in Ghana. These people believe LGBTQ needs to be criminalized and have thrown their weights behind Sam George and other like-minded legislators pushing for the passing of the anti-LGBTQ Bill.

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