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Tips to know that, your partner is dating multiple guys, You notice these

In today’s write-up, we shall discuss about how to tell if a girl is dating multiple guys

She brings up her ex a lot. Bringing up an ex probably means she’s not over them. And when someone’s still in love with their ex, they’re probably not ready to commit to a monogamous relationship just yet. Talking about previous partners doesn’t automatically mean she’s out seeing other people, but it’s definitely something that should set off alarm bells. It’s okay to bring up your ex every now and then, but if you two can’t go a full day without talking about past partners, that’s not a good sign.

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Her phone is constantly blowing up. Tons of texts or DMs could mean that she’s seeing other people. If you notice that her notifications are going off but she seems reluctant to check them in front of you, it could be because they’re her other dates. She might also seem jumpy or nervous if you ask to use her phone, even if it’s for something simple (like playing music or looking something up). Your date doesn’t ever have to give you full access to their phone (since that invades their privacy). However, even in casual relationships, you should be able to glance at your partner’s phone or change the music without them making a fuss.

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She doesn’t post about you on social media. She might be hiding you online to get more dates. If you two follow each other on Instagram or Facebook, check to see if she’s made any posts about you at all. If there aren’t any, she might be dating other people behind your back. Not everyone posts a lot on social media, which is totally fine. However, if she makes posts pretty often and you aren’t in them, there might be a reason why.

She doesn’t ask you to stay the night. In committed relationships, it’s usually okay for one person to sleep over. If you have a nice time together and it’s getting late, she might hurry you out the door, even if you live far away. This is a red flag because it could mean that she’s not super serious about your relationship. On the flip side, some people just don’t like their dates sleeping over when they have stuff to do in the morning (like work or school). If she’s just super busy, this might not be a bad sign.

You’re fighting more often than usual. She may be comparing you to the other guys she’s seeing. If you notice that you two are fighting over little stuff, like leaving the toilet seat up or being 15 minutes late to dinner, that could be a bad sign. When you’re dating multiple people, you automatically compare and contrast them. And if you’re not living up to her expectations, she might start getting irritated. She could also be picking fights about little things in the hopes that you’ll get mad enough to break it off with her.

She wants to slow your relationship down. If she’s unwilling to commit, she might be dating multiple people. Maybe you two have chatted before about being exclusive, but she didn’t want that. Or, maybe she’s told you that she wants to take things slow, but you didn’t think they’d be this slow. Either way, if things are moving too fast for her, there’s a chance she’s still dating other people. On the other hand, some people like to take relationships slow so they feel totally comfortable with the other person before committing to them. If that’s the case for her, then this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

You haven’t defined the relationship yet. When you aren’t exclusive, technically you’re allowed to see other people. If you two haven’t had the “What are we?” talk yet, then your date is well within her rights to see other guys. However, if you’d like that to change, sit down with her and chat about the state of your relationship and how serious you’d like to be in the future. Bring it up by saying something like, “Hey, I know we haven’t really talked about this yet, but could we chat about what we’re doing here? I really like you, and I hope you feel the same.”

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