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They Call Themselves Honourable But They Are So Dishonorable- Beresford Hughes

TV3’s broadcaster and NewDay host, Mr Johnnie Beresford Hughes has lambasted persons in authority over their inability to maintain the country’s properties and assets.

Speaking about the deplorable state of the Koforidua Jubilee Park in the Eastern Region on TV3 NewDay on Monday, October 4, he heavily criticized management of the facility and others across the country over the seeming lack of maintenance culture adding they call themselves honourables but they were so dishonourable.

Jubilee Park in deplorable state
He described the deplorable state of the Koforidua Jubilee Park as embarrassing, heartbroking and disappointing.

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He revealed, weeds have overgrown the facility, there was no water and electricity supplies, washes rooms were dirty, unkept and filled with unpleasant smile and flit with portions of the structure falling off it places.

“I was in Koforidua over the weekend… I saw the real definition of what we call lack of maintenance culture. What I saw was so so heart breaking, I couldn’t come to terms with it….What drew my attention was that I wanted to pee, …. I just wanted to pee…Mr President, Fellow Ghanaians when I went to the wash room, I was so disappointed, I was so hurt, I was so embarrassed, I was so brokenhearted and I asked myself da ben da,(When),” he said.

“I wanted to just wee wee ooo, that was my crime, when I went there the smell, the dirt, the flit, oh it was heartbreaking , I was shock, I said is this Ghana?, Do we have people who will go to work this morning….This morning somebody will dress up, wear nice Africa print, wear suit and tie go to the Jubilee Park and that is where they work, they work there they earn salaries , they get paid, they call them honourables, so dishonourable . Jubilee Park, look at it. This is not what President Kufour thought,” he added.

Koforidua Jubilee Park
The Koforidua Jubilee Park was one of the parks built in 2007 across the country by the then President, John Agyekum Kufour during the country’s 50 anniversary celebration.

The facility was said to have cost the country some GH¢5 billion and was to serve as a replica of the Ghana’s Independent Square a ceremonial ground to host large gatherings and also serve as a source of revenue for the region for developmental projects.

The facility is one of ten others scattered across the country and cost the country some whopping US$60 million.

Source: GhanaPlus.com

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