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The New Fashion Among The Ghanaian Youth Is A Well Groomed Handsome Beared, CPP Youth Organizer Writes To K T. Hammond

Dear K.T Hammond

Do you remember guy J.A Kuffour in 1996? He was young but won the 1996 NPP flagbearership race.

He was young but if according to your logic, Young JAK had an empty coconut head, it won against grey haired Prof Adu Boahene.

I’ve heard a rumor from Ground Control that you still feel threatened that a Young man will kick you out in the next primaries Oh no, don’t say it’s not true.

I’ve got a message from the Action Man, that you are bitter you did not get any position in this NPP administration, especially one that you were dying to get, in order to sell another drill ship!

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We know the shrieking of nothing since you became a member of Parliament is killing you and with the NPP Parliamentary primaries around the corner you now see are handsome young men wearing handsome beared as threats.

And now that you Ain’t got no money and you ain’t got no hair nor beared, you are hoping to quit but the temptation of getting another “Exgratia” keeps glowing…

The future belongs to the youth who’s new fashion includes growing neat and handsome hair and beared which has nothing to do with their ability and competence.

But of course we know Major K.T. Tom Hammond is a junkie when it comes to verbal abuse, especially against the youth but this time he has Hit an all-time low.

We know time and time again, you have been apologizing, like how you apologized to Hon Benjamin Kumbour after raining insults on him in Parliament and you have made promises to stay clean but the young and fresh Patriots with promised future’s wheels are giving you sleepless night.

Now this coupled with the rejection of your project of getting a new Chamber has triggered your stucked with valuable curse, which is verbal diarrhoea.

We the Youth of Ghana are not happy, and we hope you have realize how indiscipline you have been as a member of Parliament.

You have never done any good things, not for your constituents nor for your country.

Now this is the axe you have been waiting for to break the ice, Apologize unreservedly to the Ghanaian Youth!

Now after supposedly crying when you appeared before a committee to answer questions about the drill ship, Didn’t your mother say to get things done,
You better not mess the Ghanaian Youth!?

Credit and some borrowed words from David Bowie’s song Ashes to Ashes

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