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see last week Immigration question that got people talking

Last week, countless energetic and tenacious Ghanaians were sighted forming endless queues in an attempt to get enlisted to various security agencies in the country.

The frustrations on the faces of many SSS and University graduates while they waited in the queue could not be ignored. From various videos posted on media platforms, the desperation of those whose Gh¢100.00 was used to buy a form could be seen glaringly enough.

To many, the sort of questions set for these potential recruits is an indication of an “elimination by rough tactics” at play.

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Check out a set of the exams participants wrote;

In each of the questions below (Questions 1 to 5), a related pair of words (in capital letters)is given. Select the pair that best expresses the relationship expressed by the capitalized pair.

A. Axe: Wood
B. Stone: Grinder
CKnife: Stone
D. Gun: Hunt

A. Axe: Wood
B. Stone: Grinder
C. Knife: Stone
D. Gun: Hunt

A. dog: doghouse
B. squirrel: tree
C. beaver: dam
D. cat: litter box
E. book: library

A. Nightingale: bird
B. horse: pony
C. shark: great white
D. ant: insect
E. Stock: savings

A. sports fan: stadium
B. cow: farm
C. professor: college
D. criminal: jall
E. food: grocery store

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#TheSecurityGuy. #GhanaImmigrationService

Can you answer these questions? What is your take on them?

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