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Really Sad 😭: 5 SHS Students Seen in a Video Insulting President [WATCH VIDEO, Find Their Identity, School]

Checks conducted at CHIANA SHS confirmed that the five students seen and heard insulting and defaming Nana Addo Dankwa AKUFO-ADDO, President of the Republic of GHANA, in a viral video circulating on social media platforms, are students of CHIANA Senior high School in the Kassena Nankana West District.

Details of the five students are under listed below.

I. Mariam GARIBA (form2 Science A)

II. Amina ALI (form 2 Home Economics B)

III. Mariam Planger MATTEER (form 2 Home Economics A)

IV. Janet NDANBIL (form 2 Home Economics A)

V. Patience ASAAH (form 2 Arts B2).

That the video was allegedly recorded and circulated on 10/11/2022.

According to Ivy Betur NAASO the headmistress of CHIANA SHS, the school has initiated disciplinary procedure on the five students and investigation is yet to commence on the circumstances surrounding the video recording and the utterances and gestures made in the video.

Parents of the five students have also been invited to the school to assist with investigation.

There is currently calm in the school. The situation is being monitored.


I blame our executives, legislative and the Judiciary for telling teachers not to whip or repeat students in other to instill discipline on them.

Look at where we’ve gotten to as a nation. When Europeans come to our aid with restrictions.

For me discipline is my hall mark, any child who will attend the school I teach, believe me I will discipline the child, if you want sack me, I will establish my own 🏫 school.

This is the reason why I don’t want to teach Senior High School (SHS), I know I would be sacked for the first month.

Very crazy seeing this unfortunate video trending and the simple question I ask, do I call a teacher?

Go to Europe, children are paid right after birth, Which of the African countries pay their wards after birth?….

Africans must reason, the dependency is too much.

His Excellency dream about the Senior schools is great and it has helped a lot of children who couldn’t have afford to go to school for past six years, but according to little research taking the votes for 2020 indicate that, the FREE SHS policy, floating voters rejected it.

Considering some selfish Headmasters and the Matrons control the Foodstuffs, the double track system and the like.

Mr. President is better you bring the red line or the pass grade to Senior high and students should be repeated when they fail end of the three term exams.

It will help the nation not funding these unfortunate students or the stubborn ones who go to school to burn Dinning Halls, Classrooms, Bungalows, Laboratories, Dormitories, etc….. because they’re not given the opportunity to cheat at the final exams.

My Take. Thanks

[11/12, 11:26 PM] +233 24 884 8819: These primitive girls come from Chiana Senior High School in Upper East Region. They have cursed themselves. They should prepare for DIVINE judgement.

[11/12, 11:26 PM] +233 24 884 8819: They have sealed their doom.

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