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A/R, Pankrono: NADMO Cautions Public On The Use Of Fire In This Harmattan Season.

A/R, Pankrono NADMO Educates Public On The Use Of Fire In This Harmattan Season.

The National Disaster Management Organisation NADMO, has climaxed its public sensitisation on a fire prevention campaign in schools, churches, lorry terminals at Pankrono market square in the Old Tafo-Pankrono municipality of the Ashanti Region.

section of some dignitaries present

The campaign was to educate the masses on fire prevention, safety and other practices to reduce the level of casualties in time of disaster.

Mr. Joseph Osei, the administrator of NADMO at the Old Tafo municipal assembly who spoke to Rexkin Ohene Boateng at the Pankrono market saids the NADMO department is being collaborated with the Ghana Fire Service to train the people n how to use fire extinguishers, fire safety and other method to fight fire in their homes and workplaces.

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Joseph Osei, NADMO Admin Old Tafo Municipal

The theme for the outreach was dubbed “we cannot eliminate disaster but we can mitigate risk and reduce damage and save more lives”

He called on the public to observe good practices to prevent devastating effect of fire out break, mentioned domestic use of candles and gas as areas that must be handled with utmost care.

The Assembly Member for Pankrono-Bediako Electoral area, Hon Ernest Owusu meanwhile commended the NADMO officials and the NPP government through the Old Tafo Municipal Assembly for initiating steps to educate the people in this crucial season.

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According him it has been a beneficial for the people of Tafo and Pankrono in the past 3 years after they were carved out from the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly since governance is now at the door step of the people.

The long serving Assembly Man in the Old Tafo-Pankrono Municipal Assembly was optimistic that, the sensitisation will go a long way to curb rampant outbreaks.

Hon Ernest Owusu therefore advised the gathering to make use of the education and aslo appealed to the NADMO officials to continue teach the populace during raining and other seasons.

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Ernest Owusu, Pankrono-Bediako Assembly Man

The participants brought their questions and challenges, commendations and requests before the dignitaries present.

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