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Razak Kojo Opoku Writes to Dr. Tony Aidoo & Kwesi Pratt (Economic Advisors of Mahama John)

Razak Kojo Opoku Writes to Dr. Tony Aidoo & Kwesi Pratt(Economic Advisors of Mahama John)

It is very funny and depressing to hear from Dr. Tony Aidoo and Kwesi Pratt who couldn’t properly counsel Mahama John to steer the affairs of this Country attacking the credibility of Dr. Bawumia and calling him ideal flip-flopper, when factually, the real flip-floppers are Dr. Tony Aidoo and Kwesi Pratt.

Dr. Bawumia as credible as he is has been able to support Akufo-Addo’s Government to provide economic turnaround solutions to the numerous economic challenges that NPP Government inherited from Mahama’s Government in January 2017. And interestingly, most of the economic challenges that Mahama’s Government saddled the Country with were as a result of the incompetent and flip-flop advice from Dr. Tony Aidoo and Kwesi Pratt.

Through the ugly noises and flip-flop counsel of Dr Tony Aidoo and Kwesi Pratt to Mahama’s Government, Ghana experienced these challenges under Mahama John:
1. Worst energy crisis popularly known as Dumsor.

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2. low gross international reserves of only $6.8billion

3. Worst ever Depreciation of the Cedi against the major international trading currencies.

4. Worst inflation rate of 15.4%

5. Zero Digital Economy

6. Worst lending rate of 32%

7. Zero show at the National Identification Authority for the last 8years of Mills/Mahama’s Government

8. Zero Free SHS Policy

9. flip-flop SADA Projects

10. Cancellation of Allowances for Teachers and Nursing Trainees.

11. Lucrative judgment debt business which some NDC gurus were using as an avenue of creating, looting and sharing of public funds.

However, largely due to the competence,solid credibility and integrity of Dr. Bawumia as the head of Economic Management Team of Akufo-Addo’s Government, Ghana is now experiencing success stories and excellent economic growth:

1. $10.8 billion International Reserves

2. 21% lending rates

3. 12.2% Inflation rate

4. 7.3% rate of Depreciation of the Cedi, which is the lowest for any Government since 1992.

5. Restoration of Allowances for Teachers and Nursing Trainees

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6. Implementation of Free SHS Policy

7. End to Mahama’s Dumsor

8. End to the lucrative judgment debts business

9. Effective and efficient running of the National Identify project where most Ghanaians can now boost of Ghana Card.

10. Digital Economy is on full course due to the excellent implementation of Digitalization and Digitization policies of Akufo-Addo’s Government.

11. Northern Development Authority is doing well and better than Mahama’s SADA Project.

It seems the Christmas gift and visit of Mahama John to the household of Dr. Tony Aidoo has been very phenomenal in changing the thinking orientation of Dr. Tony Aidoo who once said that:

1. “NDC including John Mahama and himself Dr. Tony Aidoo has no one competent enough to match Dr. Bawumia”

2. “He has stopped attending NDC Congresses because they never discuss policies but only insults”

If a mere Mahama’s Christmas gift and visitation has the power to influence Dr. Tony Aidoo to turn 360 degrees to describe Dr. Bawumia as ideal flip-flopper then certainly Ghana has a very serious problem regarding the inconsistent character of some people of the older generation led by Dr. Tony Aidoo.

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Dr. Bawumia shall forever remain the headache and threat to the NDC in 2024. It is important to point out that, Dr. Bawumia’s credibility, integrity, competence and performance in Government surpasses that of Dr. Tony Aidoo and Kwesi Pratt who have been flip-flopping on national issues of importance.

Lastly, I would like to respectfully urge uncle Kwesi Pratt to focus on his favourite reggae music, Cuban politics as well as channel his energies, experience and expertise in helping rebuild the nearly collapsed CPP so that Nkrumaist tradition can bounce back stronger under the 4th Republican Constitution.

The constant noise and attacks from Kwesi Pratt against the 2024 candidature of Dr. Bawumia shall have no material effect in the decision-making of the delegates of NPP and the Ghanaian Voters.

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