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Police Reacts To Violence In Parliarment

The Ghana Police Service has reacted to the viral turbulence that occurred in parliament on Monday night over the controversial E-levy.

During a vote on the controversial E-levy bill in parliament on Monday night, some MPs engaged in fisticuffs. As many people condemn the incident that transpired in Parliament, others have tackled the Ghana Police Service for turning a blind eye to it.

In a news release released via the official Twitter handle of the Ghana Police, the concerns of Ghanaians have been addressed as to why the Police didn’t storm the Chamber to maintain law and order.

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In the news release, the Ghana Police Service noted that it has no authority to enter the Chamber of Parliament to undertake any law enforcement venture however it is the sole responsiblity of the Marshal to Parliament to take such measures.

Read the statement below;

See how netizens reacted to the news release;

Isaac Baako wrote; The fact is that unless the speaker of Parliament gives such order before securities personnel can arrest any member of Parliament in the chamber.
I believe that because the speaker is not in the chamber was the reason why all those things were happening.

Blankson Clement wrote; Thanks a lot for this, it’s very educative but the part that states “if the leadership of the house so decides” is getting me confused Thinking face, does it means a parliamentarian can boldly break any law within the Chambers and walk away with it IF the leadership of the house says so?

Lord Pepper wrote; I think it was quiet exciting to watch.
The MPs should keep fit and do more of this.
It’s was nice.

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