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“Partisan Politics Retarding Ghana’s Development” – NDC Communicator.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communications Team Member for Tain Constituency, Mr. Adjei Isaac (Azaibaba) has said the socio-economic challenges faced by Ghanaians cannot be solved by partisan politics through political pronouncements.

He said if Ghana is to develop, it must first move away from partisan politics and embrace a new way of governance which should be conducted through cooperation by all political stakeholders.

He added that increasing spate of partisanship is having a detrimental impact on the country’s development.

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Assessing from Nana Addo’s led NPP governance over the past 6 years, Mr. Adjei said there are evidences that issues of poverty, unemployment, poor economic management and ineffective governance, amongst other things cannot be solved by applying partisan approach of family and friends.

Speaking on Tain FM’s Anopa Nkommo show with Appiah Kubi, the communications team member reiterated on the delay in Ghana’s dream to be beyond aid and fully in control of its affairs without the influence of Western countries are lack of continuity in projects by successful governments.

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He assessed that governments ascend the helm of the country’s affairs with their own initiatives which often diverge from possible solutions to abate underdevelopment.

Azaibaba in bitterness said government’s constant interferences into sectors and institutions in the country has been crumpled.

He added that corruption, ineffective Communication , inadequate Expertise/knowledge, mismanagement of Funds, improper Planning, the Scope of political change and Socio-culture are the rudimental cause and effect of national underdevelopment.

In his conclusion, he urged that authorities needs to be able to understand the society more, not a society of political parties, or partisan ideologies, therefore urges political leaders to address the needs of the people before party interest.

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For further details call Mr. Adjei Isaac (Azaibaba) on 0595498504.

Source: TainFM Appiah-Kubi.

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