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NPP Isn’t Ready To Trade Political Power For Selfish Individual Interests ~ MIKI of Abirem Constituency Writes

MIKI of Abirem Constituency Writes ;

The New Patriotic Party is not ready and will never be ready to trade political power for selfish individual interests.

National Executives led by the National Chairman and the center of the party, Mr. John Boadu, the competent General Secretary, toils to win power for others to enjoy the benefits of their sweat. They are made who they are today because of the power won under the supervision of the General Secretary ADWENK3SE3.

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It’s funny that these people are now employing people to destroy the hard-earned reputation of the General Secretary by publishing wack and wholesale propaganda against him.

In principle, all these contenders going around promising heaven and earth had occupied positions in the party before. Which of them can boldly say that he/she is more competent than Adwenk3se3?  whose track record can be traced from serial calling to his current position as the General Secretary.

Some are even worse performing in their past positions and can’t even complete their first degree but are here chastising the General Secretary.

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What are the contributions and services that they have rendered to the building of the party, even when they have benefitted from the party? Some even had zero vote in certain polling stations in their primaries but are here speaking ill against the competent General Secretary.

Some have been asked on several occasions to tell the grassroots the number of slots given to the party to recruit party members since they assume office in 2017, but this question still remains the question to the gods. 

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What i will appeal to our delegates is that, even on the worst of Adwenk3se3, none of the contestants can be compared to him.

There’s a crucial battle ahead of the party and the services and experience of Adwenk3se3 cannot be underestimated.




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