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“My 90 year old-mother has been crying”- Nhyiaeso MP claims

The NPP MP for Nhyiaeso has indicated his 90-year-old mother has been crying following the news of his arrest by the Police for road traffic indiscipline.

Dr Stephen Amoah said, he was not driving carelessly, blocking people with his V8 Land Cruiser as the Police alleged in their statement to the public on Tuesday, December 7.

Speaking on Joy FM’s `Newsnight programme on Thursday, December 9, the legislator could not comprehend why the police will put out his details to the public knowing very well that MPs are not safe in the country.

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“We are politically exposed and I am a political risk factor. Why should the Police put my name alongside my car number in the public domain? What crime have I committed? Do they want to kill me? Now I cannot even be driving around,” he lamented on Joy FM.

“And my 90-year-old mother has been crying from yesternight [Wednesday] till today [Thursday].”

When asked if he will do something about what he described as a hullabaloo, Dr Amoah said, the police think they have power, therefore, he will not do anything about it.

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“They should destroy me, destroy my reputation, that’s all. They can even jail or anything. I give it to God,” he stressed. The Ghana Police Service on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, between 1600 and 1830 hours, mounted an operation around Airport By-Pass to arrest drivers who were not complying with the Road Traffic Regulations.

During the exercise, the Police arrested some drivers including the MP, Dr. Stephen Amoah, who was driving a Toyota Land Cruiser with registration number GT 7059 — 20.

The road traffic offenders were processed for court on Wednesday, December 8, 2021, but the MP refused to honour the invitation.

Later, the Police sought a bench warrant for the arrest of MP for Nhyiaeso for failing to appear before the La Magistrate Court.

The Police noted that the MP had been charged with various road traffic offences.

Later on Thursday, December 9, 2021, the Police issued a statement indicating that the MP had turned himself in and pleaded with the Court to revoke the arrest warrant.

Dr. Amoah told Joy FM that, the whole story resulted from a miscommunication on the part of the Police.

The legislator in the interview said, he was not informed about having to appear in court.

“The Prosecutor himself came there and informed the court that it was a miscommunication and they pleaded with the court to either withdraw or quash the bench warrant. I was surprised because Evans, I had never been invited to go to the Court, never.

“In fact, even the charge sheet was given to me today [Thursday] in the presence of my lawyers and they were shocked so all those issues, all those hullaballoo, I really didn’t understand what was going on. I was so shocked, In fact, I’m shocked about everything and all that I can say is that because the issue is in court, I can’t say much,” Dr Amoah added.

Source: Ghanaweb

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