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Woman With 66 Hidden Characters, Don’t Dare Us To Drop Your Dirty Secrets ~ Samira Bawumia Warned

The Second Lady, Samira Bawumia, set social media abuzz with her recent verbal exchange against Hon Kennedy Agyapong during her campaign.

In her campaign, Samira Bawumia rallied NPP delegates against Kennedy Agyapong, branding him as a bitter and self-centered individual who prioritizes his interests over the party.

She passionately urged the delegates to vote against Hon Kennedy Agyapong, citing his apparent self-serving agenda.

However, her campaign stirred a wave of anger on social media, with some accusing her of disrespect and accusing her of engaging in cutthroat politics solely to secure the position of First Lady at any cost.

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Notably, controversial blogger ThoseCalledCelebs cautioned Samira to maintain her dignity and not dive too deeply into the murky waters of politics.

She hinted at an impending divorce between Samira and Vice President Dr. Bawumia, insinuating that Samira is using politics to further her interests.

The blogger even alluded to hidden secrets and suggested that Samira’s political ambitions could potentially harm her.

“I will advise her not to throw shades and she must be the last to do this cuz when some of these politicians start with her gist…y’all are gonna open ur mouth….3ny3 ooo…baako sei 🤣. She is so eager to become a first lady meanwhile the pending divorce certificate is still in ur so called public husband’s pocket 😹♥️. If i were Dr. Bawmia… anka ago use u to do the d*irtyyy campaign and make a different woman the first lady …by force president yere…. woani abre woho papa na woho y3 amanfo) ahi ankasa,” the blogger stated.

The blogger further added that Samira Bawumia is “The only woman with 66 characters… Behind closed doors…u and Bawmia are like cat and dog… he doesn’t wanna see ur face mpo 😆… y’all married in public but real marriage apaska a very long time.”

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