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Man cries ‘maa maa, ajeei ajeei’ in a video during his wedding day [watch video]

A young man in love has got many cracking up online after seeing him in his feelings

The unidentified groom was seen shedding tears uncontrollably while he exchanged vows with his wife-to-be
The officiating pastor’s effort to get him to calm down and to keep it cool fell on deaf ears
A man has got many entertained as he shed what seems to be tears of joy on his big day

The video sighted by YEN.com.gh on the Twitter timeline of @EB_Asbr had the overjoyed man crying uncontrollably on his wedding day as he exchanged vows with his bride.

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The officiating pastor’s efforts to get him to calm down went down the drain.

A man in his feelings has got many entertained as he sheds heavy tears on his big day
The mad with his bride and the officiating pastor Photo credit: @EB_Asbr/Twitter
Many who saw the post were intrigued by the man’s interesting reaction.

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The post at the time of this publication has more than 18,000 likes, close to 9,000 quote tweets with 3,659 retweets.

A few of the over 780 comments has been highlighted below;
@lord_omo commented:

Ladies If he cries like this on that day, he will never cheat on you. You have his soul
@citizins replied:

Bro lol this crying at your wedding as a nigga culture is getting out of hand
From @Milesahead6:

No lie I think my wife is my one true find especially in today’s society but this nigga doing too much I feel like he sleeping with one of the bridesmaids lmao
@Alidikoh commented:

He crying like he isn’t the one who proposed. Are you sure you want to get married Sir? Or are you in pain?
@amatalk_ wrote:

Some people are actually sick in the head of they had an affair then cry like this at the altar.

You need psychological evaluation and medication along with deliverance. Mix the science and spirituality lol

Shy groom shed tears as his parents & in-laws escort him to join bride on their matrimonial bed in video.

Watch the full video below;

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