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Lands Commission Sensitises Public On Land Matters

Lands Commission reaches out to the public On Land issues.

Bono East regional Lands Commission has organised a public forum (Community land Clinic) to educate residents in Atebubu Amantin Municipality on the importance of land use and mandate of the lands Commission.

The forum was organized by the Lands Commission in collaboration with the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII)

Addressing the participants, Bono East regional Lands Commission Officer Mr. Benjamin Jojoe Adu-Hanson explained its activities and operations to the people and solicited their feedback for improved service delivery.

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He cautioned chiefs and elders in the community to refrain from selling public and vested lands to individuals, especially to foreigners.

He again encouraged participants to always demand for site plan and conduct a search from the three divisions of the lands Commission before buying any land.

On the multiple sales of land, he cautioned chiefs to refrain from it since the practice caused protracted litigation, overlaps and inhibits land registration process.

On hi side, Mr.Michael Okai who represented Ghana Integrity Initiative also stated that some time ago they embark on a survey about how residents at Atebubu manage to acquired land for their business.

According to him during their survey, they noticed that people go through a lot of difficulties before they can get access to land that’s why they have organised the program to help reduce burden on residents whenever they want to acquired land for their projects.

Finally some of the participants also shared their views about the program by commending lands Commission for educating them on the uses of land.

Source: Kwabena Manu

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